November 24, 2014

Me behind the blog

When you're back in the field that once captured your interest, you feel all the same things except this time its double the effort. Yes, I kinda left the blogging industry for me to fully focus on the things thats on my priority list but because the adrenaline rush got into me again, I would like to believe that once again, I would choose to write an online diary again.

The life I had while I stopped blogging 

The Janvie Tiu behind blogspot of course! Behind the blog, I do tons of things! I wouldn't want you guys to know what I really do but lets just say I am more than how and what you see.  I really cant see myself not busy, probably I was raised that way. I still remember when I was young, In year 2006 every day of my summer I go to three workshops - My day starts off with Taekwondo learning "self defense" which really never applied to me after my lunch sleep for a while then i'll go to my Art class and my day ends with me inside a school that teaches you all the techniques in the world for you to be great at memorizing... all they taught was to use alternative words to memorize a very hard word easier. You see, I had all the time in the world when I was young, but then again I chose not to, I chose to explore the things that I am not good at this way, I have a little background of what I think could be useful in the future. And I know people see me as just a person who never really took life seriously, but the reason why I do a lot of things because I have to train myself to become the person my family wants me to be. Its hard to prove people wrong but whats harder is to prove your worth in your family. Im not saying that they dont accept me or what so ever but its really pressuring when you feel like they expect more than what you're capable of doing.

Me behind the blog goes to "tindahans" to chill with friends, I walk around the city to look for cheap alternatives for future use, I meet up with people at night to have fun and forget a day full of stress. I go to school on a Saturday ( Artsy Course ) . Well, I still have a long list of what I do daily but me behind the blog isnt the person you think I am... and I think I have formspring for you to ask what I do hahaha! 

Photographed by KG Photography

Anyway, this is one of the long lost blog post that stayed in the draft area...

On September 12 2014 - Saging Republik invited us over for the soft launching of their newest products but it was more of a bloggers night for us since the food served wasnt just their newest platter but also the best sellers. Now unfortunately I wasnt able to bring my camera with me so I dont have clear photos of how the food looked like but the presentation was great! 

So the whole event started out as this this, as always Im one of the first to people to arrive and as perks, the had a game for us to play. All we did was to roll their customized dice, well, none of us won. BWAAHAHA. They served lots of appetizers ( which I dont have a photo of ) and maaaan, I was so hungry I made the appetizer my dinner hahah!

And when the food started to arrive, bloggers then went on duty and photographed the whole event. Click Click Click! *Excuse me, pa picture naman ako dito ha? Ako muna. Sandali lang. When you invite a blogger over for food tasting, events or even to "tambay lang" its a standard operating procedure that he/she has to have a documentary of what happened. Its a give and take process, "pakainin mo, bayaran mo, X DEAL, bigyan ng product " and in return, you promote them. Life of a social media influencer is more than the perks, life of a social media influencer allows you to build connections outside your niche,circle or community. 

I love saging republik's ambiance! The space is very big, especially made for meetings, catching up and small talks. I wasnt really able to enjoy the food since I was in a rush when this happened but boy! It sure looks tasty. The smell of the food from one platter to another gets into your stomach making you very hungry and hungry for more! It all happened too fast, not really happened but probably the food was consumed too fast! hahahaha! 

When sturggle gets real, of course you dont settle for less... always be on top. hahaha!

And I think I have to end here... this is already a very long post! :) I shall continue in the next blog post.
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August 25, 2014

No place I'd rather be

And as of the moment its a rainy afternoon here in Davao. Its been raining lately... wierd. Dont you just love it when youre able to wear layered clothes? Davao has improved so much in terms of being fashion forward. We like to chill here, in fact, we like it so much we go out to the malls just wearing slippers and shorts. I dream about the day when everyone has already became a "someone", you know what I mean? I dream about the day when people in my place wouldnt stare at you for over-dressing. I am pushing Davao to be at its best... Oh Davao, my dear Davao. 

August 23, 2014

Let's Catch up! How's it been?

Oh my, I never thought I'd blog again. I've done lots of things since the last time I blogged - Graduated College, Worked, Organized an Event, went on a vacation for month, gained weight, lost weight and now... Im unemployed. Unemployed because its a choice and guess what, i'll go to a fashion school. Davao has been my city ever since I was born, I made connections here, and I guess I aiming to make a name here I dont know how, I dont know when but I will be moving Heaven and Earth for me to be part of the industry. Its hard to make a name, an extreme sport called social climbing must be mastered for you to have a name lol. Anyway,  I've been so into fashion that my name is instantly related to either parties or nice clothes. Ohhhh the time flies so fast I cant even remember how and why I started blogging.

Now for this outfit, well its simple, this is me being lazy to dress up. A Cardigan and the basics totally made me look like I'm one of those kids who'll go to the coffee shop to make their thesis haha Oh the good old college days but as for me, making a thesis means an hour of Business research, Marketing research and Research of the effectivity of the project and and over night session of boozing with my fellow college classmates. The thing is, I'm not the Janvie I used to know, I mean, my fashion isnt me anymore and I need to get that back and I guess, Fashion School will forever be my calling. Its not easy, it may not be as hard as I am expecting it to be but one thing I know is that I will use my dreams as my motivation to be part of this superficial industry.